About us

Paisley Recommerce is proud to offer returns management and redistribution at a scale never before seen in our industry. We’ve automated much of the work that goes into processing returned merchandise, allowing us to accept, purchase, sort, and resell a wide variety of fashion items with ever increasing efficiency.

Yet, our brand is not defined by our technology. We are committed to understanding your business and your customers, with the priority of identifying how best we can improve your logistics, and subsequently your customers’ experience.

When working with Paisley, you’ll enjoy a collaborative and creative approach to solving all of your logistics problems. We take the time to learn about your brand, your successes, your concerns, and your pain points. From operations to financial priorities to brand image, we’ll leverage our team’s deep experience and operations knowledge to build the best solution for your needs.

Paisley Recommerce is privately held with financial security, giving us the flexibility to build our agreements for the long-term. With customers ranging in size from digitally native startups to global omnichannel brands, we’ve built our process to be agile so we can handle requests at any scale.

At Paisley, we value relationships, thrive on partnerships, and believe that our reputation for honesty and transparency is our strongest asset.

We’re fortunate to have an all-star team. Learn more about the people at Paisley below.