Moving at the Speed of Recommerce

Paisley’s recommerce platform is built to handle ever increasing return volumes.

Seamless integrations

Our platform is accessible from any web browser. Each system is simple and agile, allowing for quick and easy integration with existing retailer and supplier workflows - without disrupting any existing processes.

Return processing

Product intake

Each return is scanned with a unique product identifier, physically matching the product to its description in Paisley’s database.


Products are then graded, sorted according to condition, and assigned a new descriptive SKU.


Descriptive data is automatically collected and recorded, ensuring accurate details guide merchandise to the appropriate distribution channel. Paisley strives to minimize any miscategorizations and subsequent rehandling.

Recommerce strategy

We match every return with the recommerce channel that lowers return costs and maximizes revenue recovery. Rule based channel designations are configured according to your needs and preferences.

Ecommerce inventory

Restock retainer inventories.

Consumer marketplaces

Sell directly to consumers through online marketplaces. We'll ship orders right from our warehouses.

B2B resales

Sell to our domestic and international retailer partners.

Sustainable reuse

Donate or recycle any goods that aren't fit to resell.

Recommerce insights

Revenue recovery optimization

Rule based distribution maximizes the value of your products while staying aligned with your organization’s needs and values.

Return lifecycle analytics

Supplier manifest analytics provide a 360-degree view of the return lifecycle for every item from the moment a consumer begins the return process.

Revenue recovery analytics

SKU level data allows for trackabe and actionable insights into product recommerce. Integrate our recommerce data with your WMS, ERP, or merchandising system for a deeper look.

Driving revenue recovery through rapid recommerce.